Understanding HVAC Systems

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Central Tips for Boosting the Performance of Your Ducted Air Conditioner


The effectiveness of ducted air conditioners in residential buildings is indisputable. However, the performance of the appliance can decline over time. Therefore, if you have installed this type of AC in your home, you must plan for regular and quality upkeep. Proper maintenance and usage will lengthen the service life of the equipment. In addition, servicing tasks will improve performance, promoting electrical efficiency and personal comfort. Here are some core tips to help you enhance the functionality of your ducted air conditioning system.

Check for Duct Leaks

Ducted ACs can be compromised by the presence of leaks in the systems. Leaks will cause the loss of the cooled air flowing into the interior spaces. In general, this will mean that you will not achieve the optimal cooling in the house. Also, there will be electrical losses because the appliance will attempt to make up for the lost air. Therefore, it is advisable to check the network of ducts for broken seals and tears. Usually, if there is a leak, you will notice that the flow of air into your house will be lower. In addition, the electrical bill might increase inexplicably.

Clean the Built-Up Dust

You should keep your ducted air conditioner clean. Clean systems will promote smoother air flow through the home. As a result, the indoor space will be cooler and more comfortable. A clean setup also promotes electrical efficiency. You should begin your cleaning work by checking the filters. If your filters are clogged, replace or wash them to prevent obstruction of flowing air. Also, inspect the vents and vent covers for duct build-up. Clean thoroughly to avoid compromising the indoor air quality.

Change AC Practices

Your habits when using your ducted AC could be contributing to inefficiencies in your home. In simple terms, there are some bad practices which can increase energy consumption and even hasten the rate of appliance degradation. For instance, it is not uncommon for people to choose unusually low temperature settings during start-up. This will strain the system, and the indoor space will not cool faster or more efficiently.

You should also avoid increasing indoor temperature when your AC is on. For example, if you use a hot appliance like an oven when the AC is working, your system will be strained as it attempts to keep the temperature at acceptable levels. Therefore, consider using outdoor grills during hot weather. Finally, avoid keeping the residential doors and windows ajar when using your air conditioner to prevent solar heat gain. 


11 October 2019