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Why you should consider copper over aluminium ducts for your air conditioning system


Air conditioning units are vital systems that make our homes comfortable during summer and winter seasons. Therefore, installation of such units should be taken serious. The nature of materials used during this process will determine whether you get a long lasting service or spend the rest of your time worrying about repairs. Piping is part of installation stages that contribute to its functionality and reliability. Modern technology is slowly drifting from aluminium and going the copper way. The inherent properties displayed by copper meets the exact needs that the air conditioning industry craves for. Here is why you need to use copper as your preferred material for piping installations of your air conditioning systems.

Resistant to corrosion

Corrosion is a destructive process that occurs in metals. When this happens, the quality and strength of the metal is completely compromised and could easily break. Copper is a strong metal that is not easily corroded even when exposed to hash conditions of environment such as moisture and water. Using this material for piping air conditioning systems is a sure bet for longer lasting services with very minimal maintenance demands. However, the materials that make up aluminium metal are susceptible to corrosion. When exposed to moisture and air, they will eventually turn and develop holes. Transmission of heat and its insulation ability at this point is highly tampered with; a situation that eventually leads to malfunction of your conditioning unit.

A perfect heat transfer

Copper is an excellent heat transfer type of metal. When dealing with air conditioning units, you want a material that will instantly respond to the state of your rooms. It forms a combination rifles in its inner components. The rifles are responsible for faster dissipation of heat making it the best type of pipe to consider for your installation project. For aluminium tubes, they are not designed with rifling on the inside making them slower in heat conduction compared to copper tubes.

Reliability and durability

You want a material that will be reliable enough to offer you quality services without rampant damages. Most aluminium tubing systems will demand a replacement when they experience a fault. Copper systems are much stronger and can function for a long time without replacing. They are also easy to repair on field unlike aluminium piping systems.

When using copper piping systems, consider smaller diameters as they are compact in design and cuts down on costs since they are cheaper to manufacture.


28 April 2017