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2 Situations In Which Homeowners Should Add Air Conditioning To Their Garden Sheds


Here are a couple of situations in which homeowners should have HVAC contractors fit air conditioners in their garden sheds.

The homeowner does a lot of DIY or garden prep work in their shed

If a homeowner uses their shed to do DIY tasks or garden prep work (like potting plants), then they might benefit from having air conditioning in this area. The reason for this is that garden sheds tend to be relatively small and can often turn into suntraps in warm weather,  as heat can quickly build up in a small space and cause the temperature in it to get quite high.

As such, if a homeowner likes to spend a few hours each weekend doing DIY or garden prep work in their shed, they might find that it becomes uncomfortable and even dangerous to do this when it's hot outside, as they might find themselves perspiring a lot or even getting faint, due to how warm it becomes in this small space. In this situation, the homeowner would probably find it very helpful to have, for example, a small split system fitted in their shed by a contractor. This type of system would be fairly simple to install and the interior unit would not take up much space (an important factor when fitting any type of air conditioning in a compact garden shed). More importantly, its presence could keep the shed's interior temperature at a safe level that would make it comfortable for the homeowner to be in for as long as they want, even on days when it's extremely hot.

The homeowner stores spare tins of valuable wall paint in their shed

Many people like to use their garden sheds to store not only gardening tools but also other household items that they don't have space for inside their main homes. If a homeowner uses their shed to stow spare tins of high-quality wall paint that is fairly valuable, and this is something they plan to do indefinitely, they should consider adding a small air conditioning unit to the shed. The reason for this is that when exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time, wall paint can become unusable. This is because heat can change the consistency of wall paint and result in the water in water-based paints evaporating.

As such, if a homeowner has a large collection of expensive spare wall paint in their garden shed, then having an HVAC contractor put an air conditioning unit into their shed could prevent the shed's interior temperatures from rising too high on hot days.

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29 December 2022