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Why Regularly Changing Air Conditioner Filters Is So Crucial


A lot of Australians live in homes and work in offices located in areas that are hot for the most part of the year. For most of these people, air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity, as it feels uncomfortably hot staying indoors during hot months without cooling service. In order to get reliable service from residential and commercial air conditioners, proper maintenance of the equipment is critical. One of the main maintenance requirements of air conditioners is changing filters. Many air conditioner users often overlook the need to meet this maintenance requirement because they do not understand just how important it is.

The following information is meant to educate users of air conditioning equipment, both residential and commercial, on the importance of changing air conditioner filters as required. 

Maintaining good indoor air quality

No matter how regularly and thoroughly a house is cleaned, dust and other forms of dirt will always find their way into the indoor environment. When air conditioners are turned ON, they remove hot air from the interiors of the building and replace it with cool air from the outside. In the process, they also circulate airborne dirt particles that may be present inside the house. This can compromise the health of those occupying the building. 

The primary function of air conditioner filters is to catch any harmful air-borne dirt that may be circulating within a room or house when the air conditioning equipment is running. These include dust, lint, human hair, pet fur and dander, tobacco smoke, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), pollen, mould spores, et cetera, et cetera. By trapping the disease-causing elements, air conditioner filters help improve the quality of air that people breathe in while inside their homes and places of work.

Extending the lifespan of air conditioners

Many homeowners and businesses are oblivious to the fact that the efficiency of air conditioner filters does affect the lifespan of the entire equipment. When the filters are dirty or clogged with dirt, they will inhibit proper airflow and result in overall system inefficiency. When this happens, the equipment will be strained or overworked, leading to soaring electricity bills but also reduced lifespan. 

Changing air conditioner filters is a DIY-friendly task that almost anyone can perform by themselves. Those who need assistance performing this job can always ask a professional to do it on their behalf. Therefore, there's no reason for homeowners or businesses to forfeit the above-elaborated benefits provided by regularly replaced filters. 


10 May 2017