Understanding HVAC Systems

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Types of Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioners


Reverse-cycle air conditioning systems are popular because they are very easy to maintain and they do not consume a lot of energy. They work using the heat pump principle, where a fan passes hot air over the refrigerant, which makes the air cooler. The cooler air is circulated in your home, while the refrigerant fluid goes through a process which cools it so that it can absorb heat from the air again, and the cycle goes on. For heating, the process is the same, but in reverse—hence the name reverse cycle. If you want to have a reverse-cycle air conditioner installed in your home, there are various types you can choose from, depending on your heating and cooling needs, as well as the size of your house.

Split-system air conditioning systems

These are called split systems because they have one unit outdoors and the other inside the house. Pipes conveying the refrigerant fluid connect the outdoor and indoor unit. Split systems are capable of both heating and cooling. They are quite good looking, with the added advantage of not being as noisy as window units, and they perform well in heating as well as cooling.

Ducted air conditioning systems

Ductwork is used to connect all rooms in your house to the central air conditioning unit. Ducted air conditioners are very efficient for heating and cooling, even in extreme weather. Also, you can control which parts of your house are heated or cooled. The strength of these systems is in their ability to clean the air, and they operate quietly. However, this type of reverse-cycle air conditioning tends to be costly.

Window-mounted air conditioning units

These are usually placed on the wall or mounted on windows. They are small and compact and hence cheap, but they are still able to meet your heating and cooling needs efficiently. Also, they do not take up a lot of space, and they are very easy to install. If there is need, they are easier to move than other types of air conditioners. However, they are not the best option for larger rooms.

Cassette air conditioners

These are preferable for open spaces with no walls. They are often installed on the ceiling in a central place with pipes connecting to the external unit. They can work in larger rooms, and that is why you might find them in businesses where rooms are more expansive than those in your home.

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17 May 2017