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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooling Your Home


The hot weather can lead some homeowners into making many mistakes as they try to keep their living spaces cool. Those mistakes can have several adverse effects, such as shortening AC component life or increasing energy costs. This article discusses some of those cooling mistakes that you should avoid.

Turning the Temperature Down Abruptly

Some people turn the temperature way down thinking that the home will cool down faster. This is a mistake for several reasons. First, the air conditioning system will work harder to get to that desired temperature. This can consume a lot of energy and inflate your energy bills. Secondly, that excessive work strains the unit and shortens the life of its components. Just leave the thermostat set at your normal temperature and let the system gradually cool the home to that level.

Closing Vents

Don't close the air vents in unused rooms of your house under the mistaken belief that your home will be cooler. Closing those vents can cause the AC to cycle on and off more frequently due to the reduced load that it is carrying. These short cycle times may reduce how effectively humidity levels are controlled in the home. Component wear is also accelerated by those numerous stops and starts.

Heating the Thermostat

Avoid placing the thermostat of your air conditioning unit close to appliances that can generate heat, such as TV sets and lamps. Those devices can make the thermostat to take a wrong reading of the temperature in the room or home. The AC unit will therefore overwork in a vain attempt to regulate the temperature of the home to level that you set.

Excessive Use of Fans

Bathrooms and kitchens usually have exhaust fans to handle the specific challenges of those environments. For example, the fan in the bathroom helps to remove excess moisture from the air in that space. However, the excessive use of those fans can have a negative effect on your comfort level. This is because the fan will keep taking conditioned air out of the home. Consequently, the home may not be as cool as you want it to be. You should therefore only use those exhaust fans when it is necessary.

Avoid the mistakes above in order to have a cooler home during the hot months of the year. Invite an HVAC professional to inspect your system in case your AC unit still fails to cool the home after you have corrected the mistakes above.


27 June 2017