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Why Reverse Cycle ACs May Fail to Cool a Room


Like any other AC system, reverse cycling heating and cooling systems (heat pumps) can at times malfunction for a variety of reasons. This article discusses some of the factors that you should investigate in case the system fails to cool a room in your home.

The Windows Were Left Open

The reverse cycle system may fail to reduce the temperature of your home or room in case you left some windows or doors open after turning the AC on. Even open curtains can cause the air conditioner to be unable to cool a room. You should therefore check your home and close any openings that were left unlocked.

Other Heat Sources Were Left On

Another possible reason why the reverse cycle AC may fail to cool your home when you turn it on is the presence of a heat source close to the unit. For example, there may be a hairdryer or an oven that is being used in the room that you want to cool. That heat source can limit the effectiveness of the air conditioner. Turning off or eliminating the heat source will produce a noticeable change in the performance of your AC unit.

Improper Exhaust Hose Attachment

Reverse cycle air conditioners normally have an exhaust hose that takes heated air out of the room that someone is cooling. That room can remain warm if this hose isn't properly attached to the AC unit. You should therefore check and confirm that the exhaust hose wasn't accidentally detached by someone. Reattach it in case you find that it was improperly fitted.

The Unit Wasn't Properly Sized

It is also possible that your reverse cycle air conditioning unit is failing to cool the room because its size is inappropriate for the space that it is expected to cool or heat. You can rule out this problem in case the unit worked well before but it is now becoming ineffective at cooling the same space. You should consider exchanging the unit for a bigger one in case you have never got sufficient cooling for the space where you installed it.

Reduced performance issues in a reverse cycle heating and cooling system can be fixed by the homeowner without the involvement of an expert. You should only call a technician for help in case you investigate the issues above and fail to identify the exact reason why the unit is not cooling the room after you turn it on. That expert will check the entire system and recommend the most cost-effective way to fix the problem discovered.


10 July 2017