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4 Vital Factors That Determine Your Ducted Heating Capacity


Ducted heating, either through a reverse-cycle air conditioner or gas heater, enters your home through ducted vents. Getting ducted cooling or heating for your home certainly isn't as easy as stepping into a shop and picking out the best one. There's much to consider because all homes have different layouts and needs. Here are some vital factors that can determine your ducted heating capacity.

The Size Of Your Home

There's no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to choosing the right amount of heating for your home. The more bedrooms and floor area you have, the larger the required capacity of your ducted heater. Similarly, if you have a home on more than one level, you may need to consider vertical ducted heating. Once you have a rough idea of your home's floor area, an HVAC technician will be able to recommend the right capacity for your needs.

The Level Of Insulation In Your Home

Homes with greater insulation require smaller-capacity ducted heaters than homes with no insulation whatsoever. The type of insulation you choose will also play a role in the size of your ducted heater. Thin insulation with lower ratings and poorly insulated roofing will require higher capacities in comparison to higher-rated insulation in the walls and roof space.

The Number Of Windows And Door Openings You Have In Your Home

Did you know that single-paned windows could lose up to 10 times more heat than an insulated wall? And nearly 40 percent of your home's heating energy can be lost through them? If you have a large number of windows and door openings in your home, you will need a higher-capacity ducted heater than you would otherwise. A good way to reduce the cost of heating is to ensure that your windows are double glazed to hold in the heat during winter and the cold during summer.

The Ceiling Height Of Your Home

As a rule of thumb, if your ceiling height is higher, then there's more area to heat. Your heater will need to work harder to produce enough heat for greater comfort. In this case, you will need a higher-capacity ducted heater. On the other hand, if your ceiling height is lower, your heater will not need to work as hard, so you can choose a lower-capacity ducted heating system.

Choosing the right ducted heater takes a great deal of consideration, and perhaps is a hard decision for you to make on your own. Consider hiring a heating expert who can offer you the best advice for choosing the right capacity heating system for your home.


19 July 2017