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Cool Room Installation and Repair Keeps Your Business Supplies Fresh


Cool rooms are important business assets for many Australian companies in the service sector. They are used primarily to store perishable items and to retain the freshness of many different supplies. They also reduce the need for having suppliers constantly delivering perishables on a daily basis.

Cool room installation is therefore important towards improving the efficiency of your business. Selecting the right install/repair services can provide you with reliable and efficient solutions that will serve your business for a long time.

In addition, Australian cool room installers can provide equipment that is suited for Australian standards, is backed by a warranty, and is easily repaired in case breakdowns occur.

What does cold room installation involve?

Preparing the floor

The first step towards installing a cool room is to prepare and insulate the floor. The floor dimensions are first mapped out and a concrete base is installed. A layer of aluminium can then be added on top of the concrete to provide proper insulation for the cool room. An aluminium lining will also be used to cover the walls and ceiling of the cool room. 

Installing the walls and ceiling

The walls and ceiling of the cool room are typically composed of aluminium panels. These panels can either be installed on site or manufactured as a complete set that is delivered to the final destination. The panels need to tightly fit against each other in order to properly seal against outside air.

The vapour barrier

An important factor that is considered during installation is the vapour barrier. The vapour barrier refers to the outside layer that ensures all metal-to-metal contacts are properly sealed so the cool room can obtain proper insulation. In fact, vapour barriers are common repair issues for cool rooms. They should be carefully considered during installation.

Why should you consider cool room installation/repair?

Customized solutions for your business

Local manufacturers of cool rooms can design them to suit Australian conditions and standards. They use locally produced equipment to install or repair cool rooms, which result in durable and effective solutions for your business.

Save on costs

Cool room installation and repair can reduce operational costs for your business. A well functional cool room keeps supplies fresh and long lasting, while any damages to the refrigeration system can be repaired as soon as possible.

In addition, manufacturers can quickly access spare parts and maintenance equipment in order to restore broken down cool rooms to full functionality.

Dependable warranties

Most manufacturers also offer warranties that you can trust, and they will be quick to respond to any breakdowns experienced. Business owners can also utilise their cool rooms with confidence, knowing that they are unlikely to experience any downtime. 


24 October 2017