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4 Common Signs of Failing AC Compressors


The compressor in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system plays an important role in ensuring that your home remains at the desired temperature. However, like all mechanical components, the compressor may develop defects that can cause it to fail. This article discusses some of the signs that can alert you when the compressor starts failing.

Loud Noises

The compressor in your air conditioner usually operates without emitting a lot of noise. You should therefore be concerned in case you start hearing unusual noises coming from the outdoor unit when the air conditioner is cycling on. The noise may be a banging or rattling sound. Such noise is normally accompanied by some shaking or violent vibrations of the outdoor unit.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Developing problems in the compressor often cause it to overheat when it is working. For example, insufficient lubrication of the moving parts inside the compressor can cause the compressor to heat up as those parts rub against each other. This elevated temperature will affect the electrical system and cause the breaker to trip once it detects that power isn't flowing freely through the overheated components.

Insufficient Cooling

The compressor ensures that the heated air from your home is cooled before being recirculated. A reduction in the degree of cooling within the home can therefore signify that the AC compressor is failing. This is because the failing compressor cannot regulate the flow of refrigerant within the entire AC system for proper cooling. Prompt action therefore needs to be taken to fix the problem before it results in a total failure of the system.

Fluid Leaks

You should also be concerned in case you notice moisture collecting beneath the outdoor unit of your AC. Those puddles may be an indicator that some refrigerant is leaking out of the compressor. This suspicion is likely to be true in case you have noticed that your home is usually warmer than the level desired. The compressor may eventually fail completely if the leak reaches a point where no refrigerant remains within the AC system.

The compressor is one of the most expensive components of your air conditioner. You should therefore do everything you can to keep it working for its entire expected service life. One way to do that is by inviting an air conditioning repairs technician to inspect and repair it as soon as you notice any of the signs above. The other thing you can do is by asking a professional to service your AC regularly so that all preventable problems are avoided.


31 January 2018