Understanding HVAC Systems

Welcome to my blog! My name is Darren. My friends say that I am boring because I love the HVAC system in my home. I am not an HVAC professional, I just love the gentle hum of my air conditioning system as it gently brings the air in my home to the perfect temperature. When I was a kid, my family couldn't afford air conditioning so I spent many summers sweating away and feeling miserable. I vowed to myself then that when I grew up, I would have the best HVAC system money could buy. I hope you find my HVAC blog useful.

Why You Need AC in Your Gaming Room


If you're serious about gaming, you should get serious about air conditioning. AC units aren't just for bedrooms and living rooms—they can also do a world of good in rooms using for computer or console gaming. A ducted air conditioner system is one of the best ways to keep your whole house—including your gaming room—crisp and cool. Here are just 3 ways you'll benefit.

Protect Your Set Up

All computers and games consoles have inbuilt fans to keep temperatures low while gaming. However, these cooling systems aren't always built to withstand the high heat of an Australian summer. Keeping your device in the shade and using a separate cooling pad are both good ways to keep the temperature down, but many gamers find that these solutions aren't enough to prevent overheating on particularly hot days. That's why it's a good idea to have air conditioning in your gaming room. With an AC unit, the overall temperature of your room will remain low, keeping heat away from your computer or console altogether. This will help protect your setup and preserve its life over the years to come.

Improve Your Performance

Do you ever find yourself feeling sluggish on a hot day? That's because high heat dehydrates you and makes your body work overtime to keep your cool. Feeling slow and sleepy can be a nuisance at any time, but when you're trying to hit buttons quickly enough to kill your enemies in a game, it can completely hinder your performance. Having AC installed in your gaming room will keep your body at a much more comfortable temperature so you don't get sluggish while playing, ensuring your reaction times stay at their peak performance.

Reduce Your Rage Quitting

No matter how calm or patient you are in daily life, no gamer is immune to rage quitting. Every once in a while, it's easy to get so angry at a game that you exit the match, leave without saving, or even shut off your whole computer or console. But if you find yourself rage quitting even more during hot weather, it could be because you need AC. Everything from the dehydration to discomfort from high heat can make you irritable and cranky, making you more likely to rage quit. And since persistent rage quitting is a punishable offence in most online games, it's a good idea to have AC installed if you don't want to find yourself banned or timed out.


9 March 2018