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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Evaporative Air Conditioning System


If you have an evaporative air conditioning system in your home, you know that it doesn't operate like the conventional AC units. These units use evaporation to cool the air in your home, and they ensure a constant flow of fresh, cool air when you need it. There is a need to keep on checking the unit and looking out for signs of fault so that you can maintain optimal performance and extend the lifespan of the system. This article will teach you three tips for maintaining your AC and identifying problems before they cost you.

Look out for mould growth

Mould growth is a common problem in evaporative air conditioners, and it usually results from too much moisture in the home. Unfortunately, too much moisture in the home can lower the efficiency of the system as it prevents it from adequately cooling the air. What's more, the moisture creates a suitable environment for the growth of mould, especially around the unit's ducts. So, you need to keep moisture levels in your home under control so as to optimize the performance of the AC and prevent mould growth. This can be achieved by keeping your doors and windows when the AC is running to promote airflow in the home.

Check the water pump regularly

Your evaporative air conditioner has a water pump that circulates water onto the cooling pads. As air is drawn by the fan through the cooling pads, it collects some of the water as vapour and is cooled. So, if the pump isn't working properly to keep the pads moist, you may not receive conditioned air in the home. Check the pump regularly to ensure that it is working correctly. If the pump isn't working properly or is faulty, the pads will be dry. You can get a pump replacement and restore the performance of your AC unit. Get an expert to fix it for you so that they can inspect the pads as well for signs of damage.

Inspect the unit's motor

The motor in the evaporative unit controls the speed of the fans. The motor should allow the unit to run on low, medium, and high when it is in excellent condition. However, if you find that the AC doesn't turn on high, your motor could have a problem. Check to see if there is any debris stopping the motor from running properly. If any, clean the area and ensure that the motor turns easily and engages the high-speed fan.

Contact an AC contractor if you have any problems with your evaporative air conditioning system.


4 May 2018