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Installing a New AC System? Avoid These 3 Ductwork Design Mistakes


Installing a new air conditioning system is no mean feat. You have to work with a designer to determine where the ductwork will go and how it will be designed to ensure maximum system efficiency. If you don't observe utmost professionalism and care, the new system can be a source of energy inefficiencies in the home. It will fail often and cost you a lot of money to fix. Therefore, before installing a new AC system, take note of these three ductwork mistakes that can undermine the performance of the unit.

Improper Sizing of the Ductwork

Each room in your home has different air conditioning requirements, and they should be considered when sizing the ductwork. If the ducts are undersized, they won't be able to provide adequate conditioned air into the various rooms. Some areas may be warm even when the AC is running, a problem that will cause you to dig into your pockets for repairs.

Make sure that the ductwork in each room is designed depending on the air conditioning needs of the particular space. By doing this, you will properly size the ducts and make sure that they provide enough conditioned air in the entire house.

Sharp Bends on Ductwork

Ducts run all over the home, and there are places where they have to curve depending on the design of the home. However, if the bends are too sharp, they can impede airflow and reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that normally occurs at the design stage.

When designing your ductwork and determining where it will go, make sure that you avoid areas that would require you to bend the ducts too much. However, since bends are inevitable, ensure that they are not too sharp so that conditioned air can flow smoothly through them.

Poor Ductwork Sealing

A common mistake that occurs during AC ductwork installation is poor sealing. Since the ducts may have to be cut and joined together during installation, your installer should seal them properly to prevent air leaks. In most cases, sealing is done hurriedly. As a result, cool air is lost to the walls and ceiling and does not reach the rooms that require it. Make sure that your contractor seals all joints and connections on your ductwork with high-quality duct tape or duct mastic sealant.


Proper ductwork design is essential to optimizing the performance and efficiency of a new ducted air conditioning unit. Take note of these mistakes that occur at the design and installation stages and employ the necessary measures to avoid them. Also, work with a reputable HVAC contractor for professional installation of the system.


6 February 2019