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Heating and Cooling System Features: The Benefits of Auto Swing


As you look into getting a combined heating and cooling system, you'll end up thinking about more than the unit's capacity to cool and heat your home. These systems can have a variety of features that may make them more useful to you.

For example, you may have noticed that some of the systems you're considering have an auto swing feature. What does this feature do, and what are its benefits?

What Is Auto Swing?

Some reverse cycle air conditioners have fixed vents. These systems blow cool or warm air through the vents in one direction. However, more advanced systems may have auto swing vents instead of fixed ones.

Auto swing is a feature that affects the direction of cool or hot air when your system is on. It applies to the louvres or vents through which air is dispersed into the room. If a system has auto swing, then its vents have a standard starting position. Air comes out through the vents to the front of the machine. However, these machines also give you more control over air direction.

For example, you may be able to set the vents' louvres to move from side to side rather than staying static. Some systems also add an up-and-down motion to the mix. Depending on the system you choose, you can use this feature by pressing buttons on the unit itself or via its remote control.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Swing?

While a heating and cooling system with fixed vents can do the job for a room, you may have to wait a while for the air to spread out evenly. For example, if you're sitting facing the unit, then you'll feel cool or warm soon enough; sit to the side and you'll have a longer wait for the air to get to you.

If you have an auto swing feature, then air is more evenly spread out across the room as soon as the unit starts working. This may reduce the time it takes to get the room to a comfortable temperature.

This feature may be especially useful in larger rooms that have more space to fill with the unit's air. It also helps spread air in areas that fixed vents may find it hard to reach, such as corners and alcoves.

If you think that auto swing will be good to have, talk to your HVAC supplier. They can tell you more about swing options and how they work.


6 June 2019