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Air Conditioning Installation: 3 Top Things to Have in Mind When Installing a Split System Air Conditioner


An efficient air conditioner is necessary for your house if you wish to maintain suitable temperatures during the hot summer months. With the various types of air conditioning systems available, it can be challenging to identify the best one for your house. Every type of air conditioner has its advantages and downfalls. One system that is gaining popularity in Australian homes is the split-system air conditioner. That's because these systems offer certain advantages over the traditional ducted air conditioner. 

If you are looking to gain the numerous advantages of a split-system AC, you have to understand the top elements to consider. The article highlights some things every homeowner should know before their air conditioning installation.

1. Analyse All Aspects of the Room

When installing an air conditioner, people mostly look at the size of the room alone. However, installing a split system requires that you examine a lot of aspects of the room. For instance, you should take note of the number of windows in that specific space. Moreover, it is good to consider the direction these windows face and the type of window treatments you have installed. Such information is vital for calculating the energy lost through the windows and how much sunlight gets into your space at different times. That will help the professionals identify a split system that meets all your cooling needs.

2. Consider Both the Indoor and Outdoor Installation

A split-system air conditioner involves installing indoor and outdoor systems, and you have to put a bit of thought into both installations. For instance, you need to find a suitable spot where your outdoor unit's noise won't affect your neighbours. Also, there should be enough space between your system and the ground where a hose can fit. 

When installing your indoor unit, you must ensure it is levelled and neatly installed to suit your home's theme. Moreover, the filters should be accessible so that it is easy to clean and replace them. Such aspects may not seem important, but they play a significant role in ensuring your home remains comfortable. 

3. Determine the Ideal Size

One top benefit of installing a split system is that it allows cooling flexibility. That means you can cool only the rooms you need. However, it is vital to consider the specific spots you need to cool before installation if you wish to reduce the cooling costs. That way, you can identify the most suitable size for your split-system air conditioner for maximum efficiency.

Installing a split-system air conditioner is not an easy task. One has to consider various aspects when choosing a system and have certain skills during installation. That's why it is best to leave the installation job to the professionals. 


12 April 2021