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3 Common Causes of AC Unit Problems in the Home and How to Fix Them


The state of your air conditioning system determines the level of comfort you will experience in your home. When the system is working well, it will effectively cool your home in the summer and remove excessive humidity. On the contrary, a malfunctioning unit can cause a lot of discomfort in your home. Take a look at the three common causes of AC issues in the home and how a technician can help you resolve them.

1. When the Refrigerant Level Is Low

The refrigerant is a crucial component in the AC cooling mechanism. The vents draw in warm air from the room and pass it through the condenser and compressor units. The refrigerant takes the heat from the air and evaporates. It then cycles to the condenser, which dissipates the heat to the outside. Once it becomes a liquid again, the process is repeated. Therefore, when the refrigerant levels are low, the system will not take the heat from the room as efficiently as it should, which leads to excessive stuffiness.

2. When the Evaporator Coils Freeze

The evaporator coils contain the refrigerant, and they control the cooling function. The coils need a constant supply of warm air to operate normally. If there is an issue with the flow of air, the coils become extremely cold. Sometimes, when the temperatures around the coils drop excessively, icicles might start forming on them. When the coils are frozen, the refrigerant cannot move as it should. As a result, only warm air will come out of the registers. A technician will troubleshoot the cause of the frozen evaporator coils. They will then fix the problem to prevent further wear and tear.

3. When the Fans Are Problematic

Faulty fans are also a common AC problem. The purpose of the fan is to blow the warm air from the room into the outdoor condenser unit. If the fan stops working, the unit does not get warm air from the room. Consequently, the heat remains trapped in the unit, which interferes with its efficiency. The fan can stop working because of many problems, including motor issues and lack of lubrication. In this case, you should hire a technician to check and repair the fan before it damages the compressor.

It is advisable to hire an AC technician as soon as you notice the above signs. Timely repairs improve your unit's efficiency, ensuring that you live in a comfortable house. 


24 June 2021