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Problems You May Experience With Your Industrial Gas Heater


Many businesses are taking real estate options that include older warehouses and buildings. These buildings likely have industrial gas heaters and boilers. When you have these older models, you may need to have industrial gas heater repairs. Here are a few of the signs your system may need repairs. When these signs begin to show up, contact your local HVAC professional. 

Carbon Monoxide

One of the biggest and most urgent signs your industrial gas heater needs repairs deals with carbon monoxide. You should have detectors throughout your industrial complex. The detectors can generally identify small abnormal ranges of carbon monoxide. When this first detection occurs, contact your HVAC repair technician. This detection can be a sign of a leak in the gas heater or in the main gas line. Carbon monoxide leaks can cause headaches, lightheadedness, and fainting. You should also turn off the gas heater to avoid further leaks or more carbon monoxide entering the air until your HVAC professional can arrive. An inspection will be performed and if any gas heater repairs are necessary, they will be made as soon as possible.

Increased Costs

You may notice your energy costs are rising. A small amount of change is expected. However, if you start seeing an ongoing increase in your energy costs you may be facing a leak or other gas heater-related issue. This is especially true if you recently had broiler installation or other gas-related equipment installation that should have reduced the energy costs. This type of issue can be indicative of a gas leak or improper connections. 

Noises from Equipment

A small amount of noise is expected from pipes and equipment. In fact, many of these noises can occur when the equipment has been turned off for a certain amount of time or when temperatures drastically change. If you start noticing noises from the equipment happening more often, it may be an issue with the gas flow through the heater. You may have a motor breakdown. You may also be facing other types of breakdowns in the system. If you notice this issue, contact your HVAC professional for an inspection. 

You should have regular inspections done on your gas heaters, boilers, and other HVAC industrial equipment. This will help notify you if there are potential issues and help to reduce the cost of those repairs before they become larger issues. Discuss a routine inspection time with your HVAC servicing professional to determine when are the best times for you and your industrial business.


25 October 2021