Understanding HVAC Systems

Welcome to my blog! My name is Darren. My friends say that I am boring because I love the HVAC system in my home. I am not an HVAC professional, I just love the gentle hum of my air conditioning system as it gently brings the air in my home to the perfect temperature. When I was a kid, my family couldn't afford air conditioning so I spent many summers sweating away and feeling miserable. I vowed to myself then that when I grew up, I would have the best HVAC system money could buy. I hope you find my HVAC blog useful.

How to Get Your HVAC Ready for the Coming Season


With the hot summer months ahead, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is in full working order. You want to avoid any breakdown during those toasty mid-season days and should take a much closer look at the entire system now while you remember.

Time for a Spruce up

Some people choose to turn their A/C unit off during the winter and take advantage of some cooling temperatures and breezes instead. If you take this approach, it is more important to service your HVAC before you need it, as it may not want to work at full capacity when you flick that switch back on.

Focusing on the Main Units

Start by looking at the important units, beginning with the evaporator. This is where the system absorbs the external heat before converting it into a gas and sending it through to the compressor. The compressor is your outdoor unit and is responsible for dispersing the heat, and both of these components must be in full working order before anything can happen. They are designed to work for long periods without too much issue, but you may need to bring in a technician to give them the once over.

Cleaning up the Outside Unit

In the meantime, remove any buildup of weeds, long grass or other debris from around your outdoor unit. If you have covered with a blanket or lid during the winter to discourage mice and birds, don't forget to remove it. If you turn on the system with a covering in place, damage may happen. If you don't have a lid or blanket, look inside the fan to check for any debris, such as twigs or dead leaves.

Changing Filters and Inspecting Vents

Moving inside, you definitely need to install new filters. While you should do this several times during a hot season, it's good practice to replace at the outset too. Then, take a close-up look at each of your ducting vents. You may need to eliminate some dust or debris but use this opportunity to look inside the ducting using a flashlight. Hopefully, you will not see any evidence of mould or mildew, which can sometimes establish in these humid and dark environments. If you see anything untoward, this is another reason to bring in a skilled technician.

Checking or Changing Your Thermostat

Finally, check to see that your thermostat is working. If you don't already have one, think about buying a "smart" replacement. You need an electrician to wire it in, but it could save you money over the long term.

Making an Appointment

Many people decide to bring in a technician to service their HVAC for them. You should schedule such a visit now as they will probably become a lot busier as the season approaches. 

Contact a local air conditioning professional for more info. 


6 July 2022