Understanding HVAC Systems

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How to Tell If it Is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner


Most air conditioners will give you close to two decades of service when you maintain them well. However, by the time your unit gets to this age, it will have lost most of its efficiency. As a result, you will have less pleasant experiences with it in your home, and at some point, it will be interfering with instead of improving your comfort. As a homeowner, you should learn to tell when the unit is too old and invest in a replacement. Here are some ways to tell when to replace your air conditioning system. 

When You Keep Calling the Technicians

You can tell whether it is time to replace your air conditioner system by checking the log on the number of times you have called in a technician. As the unit ages, all its parts wear out, and it cannot operate for long periods without breaking down. The cost of calling the repair team every few weeks is too high. At some point, you might have to invest a little more and replace the old unit with a new and better option. 

When the Bill Keeps Going Up

An efficient air conditioner takes the shortest time to adjust the room temperature to your desired level. It is common for older units to run for longer hours because parts like the condenser, evaporator, and compressor aren't as efficient in heat elimination as before. Since the system runs on electric power, longer hours of operation translate to excessive power consumption. Replacing an older system with a new and efficient one can help you reduce your power bill. 

When the System Is too Old

You can also estimate the age of the system depending on when you bought the home. In most cases, people install HVAC systems soon after moving in. If you found a unit in your current home, the previous ownership records will show you the possible unit age. You can also check the model type and specs to help you figure out how old your unit might be. If the conditioner exceeds fifteen years, replacing it is better than keeping up with maintenance and repair processes. 

You can call a trusted and reliable HVAC installation and maintenance expert to assess the state of your system. They can inspect the age, SEER rating and other aspects of your old unit and determine whether it is time to replace it with a new and efficient model.   

For more information about air conditioning, contact a local company. 


29 September 2022