Three Signs Your Air Conditioning Compressor Is Ready For The Tip


Australia is midway through its summer, and it's not surprising that the demand for all air conditioning services peak at this time of year as the reality of hot summer nights bites restless sleepers. You have only been in your home a few months, but you are starting to feel dread about the state of your property's air conditioning system. Something is not quite right, so you're trying to decide whether to call in an air conditioning repairer now or wait.

5 January 2018

Cool Room Installation and Repair Keeps Your Business Supplies Fresh


Cool rooms are important business assets for many Australian companies in the service sector. They are used primarily to store perishable items and to retain the freshness of many different supplies. They also reduce the need for having suppliers constantly delivering perishables on a daily basis. Cool room installation is therefore important towards improving the efficiency of your business. Selecting the right install/repair services can provide you with reliable and efficient solutions that will serve your business for a long time.

24 October 2017

3 Best Tips for Servicing Your Central AC System: A Guide for Beginners


During the summer months, almost all homes in Australia need some variant of an air conditioning system for comfort. HVAC professionals argue that when you neglect the routine maintenance of an AC unit, you run the risk of losing its efficiency as the AC depreciates over time. With a well-maintained AC, you do not have to pay over the top when it comes to utility bills. Here are a few tips to keeping a residential central AC unit in the best shape in preparation for the hot summer months.

15 September 2017

4 Vital Factors That Determine Your Ducted Heating Capacity


Ducted heating, either through a reverse-cycle air conditioner or gas heater, enters your home through ducted vents. Getting ducted cooling or heating for your home certainly isn't as easy as stepping into a shop and picking out the best one. There's much to consider because all homes have different layouts and needs. Here are some vital factors that can determine your ducted heating capacity. The Size Of Your Home

19 July 2017

Why Reverse Cycle ACs May Fail to Cool a Room


Like any other AC system, reverse cycling heating and cooling systems (heat pumps) can at times malfunction for a variety of reasons. This article discusses some of the factors that you should investigate in case the system fails to cool a room in your home. The Windows Were Left Open The reverse cycle system may fail to reduce the temperature of your home or room in case you left some windows or doors open after turning the AC on.

10 July 2017

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooling Your Home


The hot weather can lead some homeowners into making many mistakes as they try to keep their living spaces cool. Those mistakes can have several adverse effects, such as shortening AC component life or increasing energy costs. This article discusses some of those cooling mistakes that you should avoid. Turning the Temperature Down Abruptly Some people turn the temperature way down thinking that the home will cool down faster. This is a mistake for several reasons.

27 June 2017

Why Paying More for Central AC Is Worth It


If you don't currently have air conditioning in your home, you might be considering central air. While this is one of the most expensive forms of air conditioning, it is also one of the most beneficial. Here are some reasons to consider getting central air, even though it is more expensive to install. They Are Easy to Operate and Program Central air conditioners not only pack a lot of power to cool off your home quickly, but they are also very easy to operate.

25 May 2017